A history of drug issues in the music industry

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Music Industry Addresses Drug Culture

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Drug use in music

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Music Industry Addresses Drug Culture

A article in the Los Angeles Times stated that the fashion industry had “a nihilistic vision of beauty” that was reflective of drug addiction and U.S.

News and World Report called the. Where Do We Start: The Complex Issue Of Addressing Drug Culture And Addiction In The Music Industry Nov 16, Update 2: On September 7 ofMac Miller passed away from an apparent overdose as well.

Glaring examples of this include multi-million dollar salaries at Warner Music Group, Live Nation, Sony Music Entertainment, and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), among others.

There are a few reasons many artists and music industry workers will often succumb to drug and alcohol taking which can lead to mental health problems. Some take it for fun and then find themselves addicted, some use drugs and alcohol to cope with social environments (a lot of artists are actually introverts) and some use drugs and alcohol to.

An examination of some of the technological milestones of recorded music -- and reaction from the music industry -- from Thomas Edison's first indentions on tin.

Drug use in music

Along with this new type of music came critics as well, they felt said it was gang and drug related, demeaning to women, and destructed American's values.

People will refer to it as "gangster rap." The gangster, drug dealing, violence, was meant to attract wealthy, white, suburban teens.

Music Industry Addresses Drug, Alcohol Problems A history of drug issues in the music industry
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The Culture of Music and Drug Use — Her Culture