Important event in chinese history

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History of China

Germany also important military force to insert itself into major Asian affairs. Our History Program documents and preserves the rich history of the Chinese people of program uses symposia, storytelling, rolling history tours, festivals, and other events to remind our members and the public about the contributions of this important community.

History of Chinese Americans

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The History and Origin of Chinese New Year Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year is the most important among the traditional Chinese holidays. Six Dynasties: Six Dynasties, (ad –), in China, the period between the end of the Han dynasty in ad and the final conquest of South China () by the Sui (established in in North China).

The name is derived from the six successive dynasties of South China that had their capitals at Jianye (later. The Zhou Dynasty was the longest-lasting dynasty in Chinese history. It persisted all the way from the 11th to the 3rd century BC. The rulers of this epoch were no strangers to battle, but they also created an environment where fascinating and long-standing cultural elements thrived.

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