The history of coffee in korea

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Coffee history

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A history of coffee in Korea

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Korea's coffee culture

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About 5–10 years ago, we in Korea discovered gourmet coffees big time. This was the same time that the big chains (Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf) started opening in Korea and a. The history of caffeination in Korea is long and winding, beginning with a tragic king who became the country‘s first coffee lover while fleeing in wartime.

SEE ALSO: Korean Coffee Culture – History & Timeline. Dutch Brew: The New Cold Brew; Like everywhere else, cold coffee is trending in Korea.

It’s long-lasting, you can make your own, and – thanks to how long it takes to brew it – it holds this mysterious charm. In fact, we love to give it as a gift. SEOUL, South Korea – The history of caffeination in Korea is long and winding, beginning with a tragic king who became the country‘s first coffee lover while fleeing in wartime.

The next major development in Korean coffee culture first appeared during the Korean War years (), when the Americans introduced instant coffee. However, as an imported product requiring foreign currency exchange, it remained scarce.

Korea's coffee culture Mar 16, When Russians come to Korea for the first time, they are often taken aback by the country's habit of drinking coffee, due in part to the preconception that Koreans prefer tea, like their Asian neighbors.

The history of coffee in korea
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