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Jennifer Wood's AP US History e-Portfolio

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History Portfolio

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Within these pages, you will find events that all have the common thread of advancing the fight for civil rights for all American citizens. From the moment this country was established on the ideals of freedom, there has been a battle waged to make sure that the American ideal of equal rights and freedoms apply to every American citizen without exception.

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With our advanced risk analysis tab, you can see where your exposure lies. During the fall of the history and philosophy department at Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania embarked on its own journey of portfolio assessment. I refer to this undertaking as a journey because we are continually learning, refining, and reevaluating this process.

We are still thinking. History Portfolio. All undergraduate History majors are required to enroll in HIS in the semester they intend to graduate.

This zero-credit hour course guides students with turning in the required portfolio for graduation. Using Features of DBQ Online to Analyze Documents. Here at The DBQ Project, we love that DBQ Online has taken off in many districts. Many teachers have shared their strategies on using the platform, and their main message to us, and one we totally agree .

Us history portfolio
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